MegaCLI maintenance notes

megacli -pdlist -a0 | fgrep -i "device id:"
smartctl -d megaraid,N -a /dev/sda

Get list of device ID's, and then use smartctl to get SMART attributes and status.

N is the device ID from the megacli command, and a is usually "a" to indicate the (first) drive in the RAID device (not actually /dev/sda as in /dev).

megacli -cfgforeign -clear -aall

Clear foreign configurations on all physical drives. Useful in response to an error like "The specified physical disk does not have the appropriate attributes to complete the requested command."

megacli -fwtermlog -dsply -a0

Show firmware terminal log (to see what the adaptor has been doing, times are in GMT)

megacli -adpallinfo -aall | less

Show all information for all adaptors

megacli -pdlist -a0 | less

List information about all physical disks attached to adaptor #0

megacli -ldinfo -lall -a0 | less

List information about all logical/virtual disks on adaptor #0

megacli -ldpdinfo -a0 | less

List all logical drives and associated physical drives on adaptor #0

megacli -cfglddel -l3 [-force] -a0
megacli -cfglddel -l11 [-force] -a0

Delete configuration for logical/virtual disk 3/11 on adaptor #0

megacli -cfgldadd -r0 '[32:3]' -a0

Add configuration for single logical disk (RAID 0), enclosure 32, slot 3 on adaptor 0

  288  megacli -pdlist -a0 | less
  289  megacli -h | less
  304  megacli -h | less
  306  megacli -adpallinfo -all
  307  megacli -adpallinfo -aall
  308  megacli -adpallinfo -aall | less
  309  megacli -pdlist -a0
  310  megacli -pdlist -a0 | less
  311  megacli -ldinfo -lall -a0
  313  megacli -LdPdInfo -aall
  314  megacli -LdPdInfo -aall | less
  316  megacli -pdgetnum -a0
  317  megacli -cfgldadd -r0 '[e0:s0]'
  318  megacli -cfgldadd -r0 '[E0:s0]'
  319  megacli -cfgldadd -r0 '[0:0]'
  320  megacli -cfgldadd -r0'[0:0]'
  321  megacli -cfgldadd -r0'[e0:e0]'
  322  megacli -cfgldadd -r0'[E0:S0]'
  323  megacli -cfgldadd -r0 '[E0:S0]'
  324  megacli -cfgldadd -r0 '[E0:S0]' -a0
  325  megacli -cfgldadd -r0 'E0:S0' -a0
  326  megacli -cfgldadd -r0 '[0:0]' -a0
  327  megacli -pdlist -a0 | less
  328  megacli -cfgldadd -r0 '[32:0]' -a0
  329  megacli -ldinfo -lall -a0 | less
  335  megacli --pdlist -a0 | less
  336  megacli -pdlist -a0 | less
  337  megacli -ldpdinfo -a0 | less
  338  megacli -cfglddel -l3 -a0
  339  megacli -cfglddel -l3 -a0 -force
  340  megacli -cfglddel -l3 -force -a0
  341  megacli -cfglddel -l11 -a0
  342  megacli -cfglddel -l11 -force -a0
  345  megacli -ldinfo -lall -a0 | less
  346  megacli -ldpdinfo -a0 | less
  347  megacli -cfgldadd -r0 '[32:3]' -a0