Drupal installation notes

Initial setup:

  1. Do minimal install of Drupal 7.56 including creation of "admin" user
  2. Create Page content type (Administration → Structure → Content types, all defaults) and Rich HTML text format (Administration → Configuration → Content authoring → Text formats, authenticated user + convert line breaks)
  3. Check Administration → Configuration → Regional and language, set date formats
  4. Administration → Configuration → People → Account settings: Set Who can register accounts? Administrators only
  5. Administration → People → Permissions → Roles. Create "administrator" role
  6. Administration → Configuration → People → Account settings: enable "administrator" in Administrator role
  7. Administration → People: Assign "admin" user the "administrator" role
  8. Create authenticated user account for "peter"


  1. Enable Field UI and File modules (so we can add "Files" field to Page content type)
  2. Do so and call it "Files". Add allowed extensions of "graffle png jpg jpeg pdf" and set Number of values to Unlimited
  3. Upload atdesk.graffle and atdesk.png
  4. Add copyright block in footer (all pages), as well as link-to-login-page link ("/?q=user/login") to front page for anonymous users. Add link-to-logout-page link ("/?q=user/logout"> to Header
  5. Enable "Color" module so we can change theme colours. Administration → Appearance → Settings → Bartik; set Ice theme and path to logo as "sites/default/files/atdesk.png"
  6. Set site slogan to "Scribblings of Peter Linich in Administration → Configuration → System → Site information
  7. Remove user login block from sidebar

Install modules (for taxonomy and Recent Activity table):

[root@wsx ~]# cd /home/notes/drupal/sites/all/modules/
[root@wsx modules]# tar zxf /root/downloads/taxonomy_menu-7.x-1.5.tar.gz 
[root@wsx modules]# tar zxf /root/downloads/ctools-7.x-1.12.tar.gz 
[root@wsx modules]# tar zxf /root/downloads/views-7.x-3.18.tar.gz 
[root@wsx modules]# chown -R root:root ctools taxonomy_menu views
[root@wsx modules]# 


  1. Run "update.php" script (via web browser)
  2. Enable modules: Taxonomy (built-in), Taxonomy menu, Views, Views UI. This will auto-enable other modules and settings (including Options and Menu)

Set up Recent activity view for front page:

  1. Administration → Structure → Views → Add new view
  2. Name: Recent activity. Untick Create a page. Tick Create a block
  3. Display format: Table of fields
  4. Continue and edit
  5. Add fields: Updated date and Post date. Select short date format. Re-arrange fild order ("arrow next to "Add" button
  6. Select Pager: Full/paged
  7. Set display sort order based on descending update time/date
  8. SAVE
  9. Go to Administration » Structure » Blocks and move (new) View: Recent activity block into content area. Set to display only on the page with Main page content on all other pages
  10. Edit Administration → Structure → Content types → Page and untick Publishing options → Promoted to front page. This prevents new pages appearing on the front page unless specifically promoted. Can untick also for any, including present, page

Enable taxonomy (and sidebar block):

  1. Administration → Structure → Menus → Add menu. Set title to Tags
  2. Administration → Structure → Taxonomy → Add vocabulary. Call it Tags. Set Menu location to
  3. Go to Administration → Structure → Blocks and move Tags menu to the sidebar
  4. Note: The menu will not appear if there are no terms in the vocabulary
  5. Go to Administration » Structure » Content types » Page → Manage fields and add a Tags field, Term reference, Autocomple..., Number of values = unlimited, Vocabulary = Tags
  6. Edit Administration → Structure → Views → Recent activity and add field All taxonomy terms (call it "Tags")
  7. Go to Administration → Structure → Views and enable Taxonomy term. Edit to make it a table with the same fields and so display matches Recent activity

Enable search:

  1. Go to Administration → Modules and enable Search
  2. Configure and untick Active search modules: User
  3. Go to Administration → Structure → Blocks and move Search block into sidebar
  4. Go to Administration → People → Permissions and enable search and advanced search for all users
  5. The database used by Search is updated by Cron (Drupal's cron, not the system crond). Thus, there won't be anything in the database and searches initially will not return anything. See Administration → Configuration → System → Cron to run it manually

User setup:

  1. Administration → People → Permissions → Roles: enable Page: create, edit and delete own content, enable all in Taxonomy

See this link for ways to display the name of the logged-in user.